Developer Paul Silverman Invests in New Jersey Beer Company

Paul Silverman, the Jersey City developer – and former Social Chair of his fraternity in college – has taken on the role of chairman of New Jersey Beer Company, the local brewery a Light Rail ride away.

“I like making people happy and beer does that,” he says. “It’s hard not to be happy when you’re having a beer with people.” One of the goals of the new partnership is to eventually move the brewery, which is located in a North Bergen warehouse, to Jersey City.

Silverman says that it’s always been his dream to open his own brewery, and last year, as he was contemplating building one in town, he visited New Jersey Beer Company and spoke with its founder Matt Steinberg for advice. The brewery, which opened in the spring of 2010, was struggling financially, and a few days later Steinberg called Silverman and asked him to invest...Read more by clicking below.