Beer of the Week: New Jersey Beer Co. LBIPA

As regular readers may have noticed, I haven't been shy about my disappointment with the IPA trend over the past few years. Don't get me wrong, I'm a self-identifying hophead and I love a well done IPA. My problem, really, is that most IPAs being put out nowadays - and there are a lot of them - aren't well done. They're either palate-wrecking hop bombs or filled with been-there-done-that, nothing-special flavor.

It's nice, then, when there's an IPA - whether it's new or not - that's noticeably good. What's even better is when it's brewed right here in good 'ol Jersey.

Such is the case with LBIPA, New Jersey Beer Company's East Coast IPA. NJ Beer Co. was founded by Matt Steinberg in North Bergen in 2010. But the brewery quickly ran into problems. Among them: it's bottling line broke before filling it's 700th case. Enter Paul Silverman, a real estate developer in nearby Jersey City. Silverman had long wanted to open his own brewery in Jersey City and sought advice from Steinberg. Instead, he received an offer: join NJ Beer below to read more!