Birth of a brewery: The bumps and bruises of making beer

The folks at the New Jersey Beer Co., who brought their beer to market about three years ago and have had their fair share of bumps and bruises along the way, and can serve as a roadmap for them.

“Bob has been a friend of NJBC since the very beginning,” said Kevin Napoli, general manager of the New Jersey Beer Co. “He has been able to see some of the mistakes we made and prepare himself for them - he is well positioned as a young brewer.”

The New Jersey Beer Co. hasn’t had it easy. Soon after opening in 2010, they suffered the devastating loss of their bottling line, which made the young brewery solely reliant on tap sales for revenue. Then there were some hiccups with distribution, and most recently, Hurricane Sandy flooded their facility and knock out their power for two weeks...Click below to read more.